How to obtain the account id to generate an access token?


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I am working on an integration that parses json data and sends it to the Phone API to populate emergency service locations. I want to set up a ‘test’ version of the app that I can send and receive data from. I set up the app and copied some of the zoom postman examples to test with. The problem is, I need the account id to create the authorization token, but I can’t get the account id without already having the authorization token.

What am I missing here? What is the correct way to obtain the account id?

The account ID is a concept that is exclusive to Server-to Server OAuth applications (internal apps) and it’s provided to you in the App Credentials screen — these applications are added (activated) upfront by the developer, and can’t be shared to other accounts. Other app types don’t need an account ID because an admin or user has to interactively add the app, so their identity is determined during that workflow.

What kind of app type are you creating? It should be listed in the Created Apps page.

Thanks for helping here @MultiplayerSession!

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