Matching Meeting Registrants to Joined/Left Webhooks

I can’t imagine I’m the only person experiencing this. I get webhooks, and can query the API to get registrant information.

We require people to login to zoom to register, and attend.

The register webhook and registrant API contains…


The API to get PARTICIPANTS gives me this…

{“id”:“tpjQLJbZQtS3kDOtNhUKBQ”,“name”:“Mike Jack”,“user_email”:“mikewjack@****.com”}

When they join or leave the webhook gives me this…

“user_name”:“Mike Jack”,

How am I supposed to match these up?

  • The id from registrant -> Particpant does not match.
  • One gives me the user_email, but then other doesnt, and gives me user_id and user_name
  • One gives first_name and last_name, one gives name, and one gives user_name.
  • user_id which seems like the only solid identifier, is only given when they join or leave, and not when they register, in either the webhook or the API.


So please - as business user now paying you thousands of dollars of year - how am I supposed to be able to tie a registrant to a participant?

Hey @TCADeveloper,

Here is the description on how to match meeting registrants to meeting participants:

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 4.42.24 PM