Mechanics of Zoom Rooms and calendar events

How do Zoom Rooms come into play with scheduling and holding Zoom meetings?

  1. What happens when the room resource is added as an attendee or room on say Google Calendar? Is a new zoom meeting scheduled with the room as an attendee?

  2. What if a user puts a zoom link in the calendar event description, or uses the ‘Zoom Scheduler’ chrome extension? Does the room automatically get added as an alternative host or attendee?

Thanks for any detail on how this works!

Craig Younkins

Hey @cyounkins-is,

To answer your questions,

  1. You can invite a Zoom Room as an attendee for a scheduled event. If the room is invited and available, the event will show on the room’s scheduling display (if they have one) and on the TV in the room. If a Zoom meeting ID is present in the calendar event, you can use one-touch meeting start from the room.

  2. The room will be added as an attendee. If you used your personal Zoom account to schedule the meeting, you’ll still be the host.

More details and instructions about how Zoom Rooms interact with Calendar events can be found here,

Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions!


Thank you tommy that really helps.

For something like an interview where multiple people come and go, it would make sense to us to make the room the host. Can we do this by getting the room’s resource email-like address and setting that as the host? We’d be doing the meeting creation through the API.

If there is no Zoom meeting in the calendar event, will inviting a room create a new meeting? If so, who is the host?

I would test this myself but I think the only way to do that is to set up a zoom room, which requires an extra computer.


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Hey @cyounkins-is,

To answer your question about the Zoom meeting calendar event,

It will not create a new meeting. The booking will show like a Zoom Meeting on the Zoom Room’s scheduling display, TV, and controller in upcoming meetings, but without a meeting ID in the booking, it won’t have the “Start” button. Since it does not create a meeting, there is no host.

If you added a Zoom meeting to the calendar event, the organizer is still the host.

About creating a meeting via the API and adding a Zoom Room as a host, I am working to see if that’s possible and will get back to you.


Hey @cyounkins-is,

Currently there is no way to add a Zoom Room to a meeting via the API. This is on the roadmap so subscribe here to be notified when the new Zoom Room API’s are released.


Thank you! One thing is still confusing me though:

Are your statements referring to different scenarios? To me these contradict one another. Can you clarify? Thanks!


Hey @cyounkins-is,

I apologize for the confusion here.

When you add a Zoom Room to a calendar event and click the “Make it a Zoom Meeting” the Zoom Room is added as an attendee and not a host. Although you can start the meeting from the Zoom Room controller which makes it seem like the host even though it is not.

I will edit my message so no one else gets confused.

Check out this article, it goes more in depth with photos and gifs of how the Zoom Room calendar functionality works.