Meeting Does not End When Host Leaves

Meeting does not end when the host leaves, instead the host control is passed around like a hot potato. Aside from explicitly ending the meeting, can it be enforced that the host leaving the meeting causes the meeting to close shortly thereafter if they do not re-join? This seems like new behaviour as I believe back in 1.7.5-6 the meeting would end when the host left.


Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Create and start a recurring meeting with no fixed time
Join 2-3 users including the host (we had 3)
The Host leaves the meeting
The host role is passed to another user
Rinse & repeat


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Additional context

Hey @sales1,

This is the expected flow. If you want the meeting to end when the host leaves, the host needs to click the “End Meeting” button, not the “Leave Meeting” button.

On the chance the host accedently clicks the “Leave Meeting” button instead of the “End Meeting” button, you could use the Participant Left Meeting Webhook, see if it was the host of the meeting, and then end the meeting programmatically.