Meeting event meeting.participant_left not triggered

When participant left the zoom meeting we are not getting webhook event “meeting.participant_left” , we used to get that earlier recent changes break this ?

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Hey @vijayk.kannan ,

Can you please provide your app ID? (The ID in the url when viewing your app on the marketplace)

We will look into this as one other person reported the same issue today:



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I can also chime in and confirm that this is indeed occurring (tested using, locally, and with production on Zapier to make sure, and we’ve had our app case working fine for many months). The meeting.participant_left endpoint that fires via. webhook has mysteriously stopped firing in the last ~1-2 days or so.

All the other events are fine (such as meeting.ended and meeting.participant_joined works fine – i.e. the join event fires successfully) – but not having the leave event breaks our app case (where one can see if a user in our org joins/leaves the room after we serialize the data).

Here’s an example of how the serialized event looks to the end-user (join event, of course, the leave event isn’t working right now):

@tommy: Because of this not working, we only see join events which is rather annoying to the end-user. I saw you asked the original poster for his app ID’s. Our app case is private, but the ID’s are: 6RAlVUrUTOiUB1aj-ajghg for our Dev (unserialized) and YasIjPmBQei0JT9JGl3zoA for our serialized webhook (one subscribes to more events).

Thanks, Tommy. Will really be on the look for an update (…or it’ll just start working again, hah). Cheers :+1:

Hey @saro, thanks for the detailed post!

I’ve sent this info to our engineers and we are working on a fix.

Stay tuned!

Apologies for the inconvenience,

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Thanks for the description of the problem guys.


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Happy to help!

I will post back here with updates.


here is the app id : sl6ZtUrdRma0PV912CiFSw

All our apps were affected , when will be fixed ?

As of an hour or so ago it seems that our applications are firing the meeting.participant_left event correctly.

Hey @saro, @vijayk.kannan, @nate,

The issue has been fixed. Apologies this happened.



Hi Tommy,

I am glad you guys were able to get this back up and running quickly.


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Happy to help! :slight_smile: