Webhooks for meeting.participan_joined and meeting.participant_left stopped coming

Hi. I have organised a meeting Launch Meeting - Zoom, but did not get back any message via webhook about participants joining it - into my app (App Marketplace)).

The only message I got from Zoom was that I myself (as orginiser) have joined the meeting. Why is it?

A year ago I was getting messages about EVERY participant joining and leaveing the meeting. Why does not it work like that anymore?

Add Participant/Host left meeting webhook event yesterday. The meeting.started and meeting.ended events are correct, but never seen meeting.participant_left arrived.

@s.kozlov9242 @lvqingan

Please submit a ticket and include a link to this thread. In that ticket, please include the App Owner Email and App Name as well as a meeting ID where you expected this event. I’ll use that to investigatefurther.

You can submit a ticket by navigating to our Developer Support Center.


@MaxM Hi


Hey s.kozlov9242,

Thank you for sharing that information. I’ll note that if you intend to share private information such as your email we recommend doing so via ticket.

I looked into the apps created by that user but wasn’t able to find one with that App ID. Are you able to share the name of the app where you’re seeing this?

Likewise, it looks like that meeting was last started Oct 12. If possible, please provide a meeting ID from the last 15 days that exhibited this issue. That will allow me to check our logs.


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