'meeting.participant_left' event is consistently not being triggered when joining another meeting without explicitly exiting the former one

The ‘meeting.participant_left’ event consistently does not get triggered if I joined another meeting without explicitly exiting the previous one (by clicking end meeting). If I end the meeting before I join another one, I don’t have this problem. I have been able to reproduce this consistently.

The Webhook should get triggered if I change meetings, even if I did not explicitly exit the first one since I’m not part of that meeting regardless.

N/A. No error here, just the Webhook that’s not being triggered when it should.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
‘meeting.participant_left’ Webhook event.

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Setup a Webhook that listens to ‘meeting.participant_left’.
  2. open zoom and start a meeting.
  3. join another zoom meeting (without leaving the one you started)
  4. notice that the ‘meeting.participant_left’ does not get triggered.

Hey @harris,

How are you not explicitly exiting the first meeting? How are you able to join two meetings at the same time?


Hey @Tommy, let me clarify.

It’s not that I’m joining two meetings at the same time. It’s that if I don’t exit the meeting by clicking the ‘leave meeting’ button or the x, my server never receives the meeting.participant_left’ event.

If I try to join another meeting while I’m currently in one (by clicking on another zoom link), zoom will show me this:

At which point, if I click ‘yes’ and join the other meeting (which will exit me of my previous one as expected), the web hook event doesn’t get triggered. I know this because I’m relying on that event for an app and have consistently not been getting the event if I follow the steps outlined here.

Let me know if this makes more sense!
Thank you

Not 100% sure if what I said above clarifies it enough, but you can test this by having a web hook that listens to participant_left event and simply joining another meeting while you’re in one (by clicking on another zoom link) and then you’ll see that you never receive the event if you join the other meeting that way (by clicking “yes” to the Join Video Call dialog).

nvm ignore my last post just above ! (I tried deleting it)

Hey @harris,

Gotcha! Thanks for explaining!

When you close the Zoom App, or get disconnected during a meeting it takes a few minutes for your “user” to leave the meeting. The Webhook should send after Zoom recognizes the user was disconnected.