Meeting IDs not unique

When using{user}meetings a number of meetings are returned but the “id” property is identical for different meetings. The “uuid” is unique but since one has to user the “id” value to pass on to Get Meeting Recordings this is of no use.

Note the meeting id is the same (2168742555) even though the meetings were on different days.
“duration”: 128,
“end_time”: “2020-09-01T15:42:51Z”,
“host_id”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“id”: 2168742555,
“participants_count”: 7,
“start_time”: “2020-09-01T13:37:48Z”,
“topic”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“total_minutes”: 495,
“type”: 4,
“user_email”: “xxxxxxxxx”,
“user_name”: “xxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“uuid”: “UwIIBBxAS5aKrtvtOjd8gg==”
“duration”: 46,
“end_time”: “2020-09-04T10:42:20Z”,
“host_id”: “xxxxxxxxxx”,
“id”: 2168742555,
“participants_count”: 3,
“start_time”: “2020-09-04T09:58:57Z”,
“topic”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“total_minutes”: 125,
“type”: 4,
“user_email”: “xxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“user_name”: “xxxxx”,
“uuid”: “VSM+aCkXTxy/62nfqiNuwA==”

Hey @burden.richard

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I don’t think either of those posts answer my question. As the meeting id is required for other api calls - for example getting the recording list, how does one know which particular meeting the additional data refers to - eg a recording file?

Hi @burden.richard,

A meeting can be started many times, i.e., a meeting can have multiple instances/occurrences. Each of these occurrences will have a unique UUID, and by using this UUID, you can differentiate between the sessions.

To get the list if recordings for a meeting, you can use the Meeting ID, but it will give you the details for the last occurence. If you want to get the details for a particular occurence, then you need to use the Meeting UUID.

You can use this API to get a list of all the ended meeting instances:

Let me know if this helps

OK - thanks for explanation of the meeting id - but how do I get the recordings from a particular instance of that meeting - feeding the uuid into /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings doesnt work - returns
“code”: 3301,
“message”: “This recording does not exist.”

The meeting_id in [recorded_files] from get/userid/meetings doesnt correspond to any of the instance ids

OK - got it now
Linkage is
gives instance id in “meeting_id”

Hey @burden.richard,

It sounds like you’ve gotten this squared away, but let us know if you still have any questions!


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