Meeting not starting as a host in iOS

I have created zoom meeting using API
after that am starting same meeting through SDK using JoinMeetingWithDictionary() service
but as we know we cannot start meeting as host unless we Login into zoom
so for that, am using LoginWithEmail() service before calling JoinMeetingWithDictionary()
But the problem is when I do this flow in release mode - create - login - join , app is entering in waiting room but in debug mode its working fine (meeting starting as a host)

Hi @shraddhap, thanks for the post.

There should not be any differences in functionality when starting the meeting as host when you are running release mode. Are you using the same meeting number and account login information in both attempts? If so, how are you confirming that you have successfully logged in?

Also, please provide the SDK version you are using.


@jon.lieblich thanks for quick response.
Yes am using same meeting number and account login information in both attempts.Also for confirming
we are using isLoggedIn() service and its returning true.
But for some reason isHost() service returning false.

Am using Xamarin.iOS.Zoom sdk wrapper for xamarin ios application
version 1.0.0

Hi @shraddhap,

Unfortunately Xamarin is not an officially supported SDK platform, so we cannot assist with build-related issues.


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