Meeting number wrong unusual problem

Hi everybody,
So I’m working based on the Sample Web App. I used the CDN folder and put my JWS keys etc, and everything seems to be working. However, I have a few problems:

When I switch my Chrome to incognito mode, I get the error “The meeting number is wrong”. Same happens when I try to join over Android.

Then there’s another problem. I have the websdk/CDN thing running separately, and then I have another page that uses iframe to show the websdk. Now sometimes I have a problem that when connecting through the iframed websdk site, I get errors (joining failed, meeting number wrong etc), but when I go directly to the site (the very same site that’s displayed in my iframe), then it works okay. It’s weird, but maybe someone has some idea why this could happen?

Running the latest 1.7.7 version. I can share more information, just don’t want to overwhelm anybody at the beginning :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

Anyone? :S I’m having lots of intermittent errors lately. Is it always like this or is there some updating goning on or what…?

Hey @kadriko06,

The Web SDK was not designed to work in iFrames so there could be issues.

As for running in Chrome incognito, make sure you are using a real meeting number. If the issue persists, please email the meeting number to for us to investigate further.