Meeting partecipants report contains only few entries if someone reconnect after end of meeting

We use API to retrieve partecipant report after the end of the meetings.
We have a problem where some of our customers claim that the meeting reports, sometime only contains a few people re-connected at the end, or after the end time of the meeting, while the report does not contain actual data of people connected at the beginning of the meeting.

Meeting *********** was a 4 hours lesson from 9AM to 1PM, but the report we fetched via API, only contains 5 rows of people reconnected at 1:01/1:02 PM and disconnected one minute later.
There is no evidence of all people thta has been connected for the whole meeting.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Our customers interconnect through the ScuolaSemplice App

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
From what we understand, at the lesson end time they close they terminate the meeting but some of the student reconnect to the same meeting join url, and the report we get, it is from that second part only.

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I can add this.
A customer with Enterprise account. says that in these situations, Zoom produces two attendancce reports.
The first one with the connection of people who attended the meeting, and a second one with just a few connections of those who tried to reconnect at the end of the meeting.

The problema id that we get from API just this second report that it is quite useless

it is very important as these reports are used to verify presence of the students to the lessons.

Hope in a reply

Thank you

Hi @fornitori this is likely occurring because independent and unique instances of the same meeting are generated when participants leave and then rejoin a meeting ID. For example, let’s say we have a meeting ID of 1234567890 which four participants join. The joining of this meeting will create a UUID, which is unique to the instance. If all participants leave, then any participants subsequently rejoin the same meeting ID, a new UUID is generated. Let’s say in this example, two participants rejoin.

If you call the Reports API with default settings, it will return only the most recent unique occurrence of the meeting. So in the case above, the participant report that is returned (by default) will only include the data on the two participants (the most most recent instance of the meeting).

You can replace the meeting ID in the Reports API path with the UUID.

You can listen for all unique occurrence IDs (UUIDs) through any of the meeting webhooks. The Meeting Ended event, for example, would be a good source to see all unique meeting instances.