Meeting Participant Reports User Email Issue

Meeting Participant Reports User Email Issue

Starting today (26/7/2020) we’re not getting the correct user_email when we generate the Meeting Participant Report neither from the Zoom Web-Portal nor from the API. It looks like an encrypted version of the original email.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Using JWT and Web Portal

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)

  1. Create A Zoom Meeting
  2. Add Participants to the meeting
  3. Start the meeting
  4. End the meeting
  5. Generate participants report

Screenshots (If applicable)


Yes Getting the Same Issue. Please Help to resolve

I am also getting the same issue

We are facing the same issue. The participant report is showing random encoded email address in the response instead of the correct user email address. Please check and let us know how it can be corrected back.

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I’m having the same issue and it has broken my integration. Is this being fixed?

We also Getting the Same Issue. Please Help to resolve

We also see same issue and it is impacting our platform badly. As our student attendance is broken due to this.
Zoom, We would really appreciate your prompt response on this.

We also have the same issue…

Same here - just had this happen - with 2 different meetings.

The registration report is fine. it’s the participants one with the problems.

I’ve put in a support request.

I am also getting the same issue, kindly help on this!!!

i am also getting this kind of response, which i don’t want. Please help on this.

@tommy please help us out

@tommy Can we at least get some type of confirmation that Zoom recognizes the issue and plans on fixing it? It’s been two days since it’s been broken.

We are also experiencing the same problem since yesterday when loading Past Meeting Participants. Is there any information about it ?

It seems this is working now. I checked participant report on zoom web portal for the meeting happened today.

I’m still having the issue but that’s for a meeting that happened yesterday so it might not be retroactively fixed.

Hey @jeffatpresence, @kuldeek, @bportakh, @itsupportgl, @vipin.rao, @zoom19, @rashid.kotwal, @HyoSeong, @vp-careers, @WebmentorOperations, @icancare, @igcseportal,

We are looking into this issue. I will provide an update asap. (ZOOM-182022)

Apologies for the inconvenience,

The participant emails are working now but there was a meeting on 7/27 that still had encoded email addresses.

Is there an SLA for your API? I emailed support, posted on here and tweeted @zoom_us and this is the first response that any of us have received. Is there some other method of escalating problems like this so we at least get someone to look at the problem within 24hrs?

Thanks for looking into it!

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Hey @jeffatpresence,

If you share the meetingUUID I will be happy to see if we can fix the meeting on 7/27.

The Developer Support SLA for this forum and is 48 hours on weekdays.

We do our best to scan for outages or urgent issues like this. Our support team was aware of this at the start and notified engineering immediately to fix it.


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