Meeting Participants ID not always populated

I’m currently retrieving participant info from the dashboard List Meeting Participants endpoint (

I’m finding that participants often have as many as 8-10 entries in the participants report because they join multiple times, potentially from different devices, and may also adjust their user name. We aren’t able to use registration in our event workflows, and many participants end up joining without logging in, so we don’t get an email address, which would of course be an easy way to tell who is who.

I was hoping to use id to deduplicate participants, but finding that it is inconsistently populated. It might be populated with the same value for a subset of a participant’s report entries, but blank for the rest. Email address is blank across the board, so I don’t believe this represents a participant who was logged in to their Zoom account for only a part of the meeting.

Why would id be only selectively populated in the participants report?

Hi @jessica.miles ,

Were you able to reference the response body documentation for

The participant’s universally unique ID. This value is the same as the participant’s user ID if the participant joins the meeting by logging into Zoom. If the participant joins the meeting without logging into Zoom, this returns an empty value.

Does this clarify your results?

Thank you,

Hi Gianni,

Yes I absolutely did review the documentation, and it doesn’t really answer the questions I have.

It’s confusing to me that we often have participants with 8 entries, showing they entered/connected to the meeting multiple times, and half have participant UUIDs and half do not. NONE have email address, so I think the participant is not logging in to Zoom at all, but sometimes they get the UUID and sometimes they do not. Participant UUID, when populated for multiple entries that represent the same person, is sometimes the same value and sometimes different values, but not ever values which are the same across multiple meetings, so again, I don’t think they are logging in at all.

There’s definitely more needed to explain these IDs than the documentation covers. I want to understand whether I can use these UUIDs to identify the same person within a meeting or across meetings, and if so what the limitations are.

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