Meeting Polls unavailable to host with the Meeting SDK (Web)

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Web SDK v2.14.0, Component View

When using the SDK, the host does not have access to creating polls during a meeting. Further research showed it may have been a settings issue within the Zoom account, but our current settings indicate that “Meeting Polls/Quizzes” are enabled.

No error message. The “Polls” button is not appearing in the Zoom UI during a meeting for the host in the web SDK.

Troubleshooting Routes

  • Reviewed account permissions to allow creation of polls/quizzes and ensured it was enabled at account-scope.

  • Started scheduled meeting with SDK with other enabled features which are available. Its only polls not showing.

  • Started a scheduled meeting with another host in a separate instance where they had access to “Polls”, had another account using the SDK join the meeting as a participant, original host gives host privileges to the account using the SDK, and the “Polls” option is still not available. For extra measure, the SDK account gives host privileges to the account that started the meeting and the “Polls” option reappears for the original host.

How To Reproduce

  • Schedule a meeting in Zoom.
  • Start the meeting as the host.
  • Check available features once the meeting starts.

Hi @iechodev
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
I just did some testing on my end with our sample app:

And it looks like polls are not supported in the Component view.

Thank you for your response, @elisa.zoom!

Are there plans to have the “Polls” feature supported in the Component View in a future update?

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