Meeting recording endpoint does not return share_url field

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We’ve noticed that for some of our customers “/meetings/:meetingId/recordings” endpoint does not return share_url field that we were relying on. Actually, there’re no any url’s in the response at all.

Here’s a list of some recording ids with account id and meeting id:

ACCOUNT_ID                                  RECORDING_ID       MEETING_ID
Fs7PN3hER3CmOTS5mRgo_Q      97242985566             F6lQsAXyRjS80nxAb1mLcA==
Wtow6avWQ8G_51_1E0r1CA         89230353401             mrWavhnWR5CMua99sSE3dQ==
_6PiuDk9QVi0O3hkVELvYQ           87215088738              xTbfIy7oTUOeRuAHPPmQRg==

I can see that in the API Docs this field is missing from the definition. However, there are two things that I’m concerned about:

  1. in therecording_play_passcode field there’s a mention about share_url and play_url, but the field itself is absent. Is the documentation not updated or am I missing something?

  2. Other accounts are receiving this field as usual. Will they stop receiving it in the nearest future, or is there something wrong with these particular accounts\meetings?

HI @vbohdanets
Thanks for reaching out to us,
This is interesting. I have not seen an issue like this before.
I just did some testing with a couple of meetings on my account and I am able to get the share_url field back in my response.

I also noticed that in our documentation, the field “share_url” is not documented. I will go ahead and reach out to the Docs team to make sure we take care of that.

I will go ahead and send you a private message to gather more information so I can reach out to our Engineering team about this.

Hi everyone!
Updating this thread as well.
If you are experiencing this issue, please make sure to look into the users role settings and make sure that they have recording view and share permissions.
Not having the proper permissions might cause this issue.