Fetching all recording "play_url"s for a particular recurring meeting

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

  1. Get meeting recordings
  2. List all recordings

After a recorded zoom meeting finishes and the recording is processed, we want to surface any number of recordings that occurred in that meeting ID using the “play_url ”.

How To Reproduce
To solve this, we experimented with 2 endpoints over the zoom api.

1. Get meeting recordings
This endpoint only shows the most recent recording “play_url”, and omits the past recordings for the same meeting (despite the docs suggesting “Use this API to return all of a meeting’s recordings”). Problem: We want to surface all recordings, even past ones for the same meeting.

2. List all recordings
This endpoint successfully fetches all recordings for a host user (this gets us all event meeting recordings in our use case, because each event generates a single host user), but does not provide the recording password alongside the “play_url”, which is an essential element to accessing a recording. Problem: We need the recording password sent over, so that we can redirect to the zoom recording viewer interface.

Is there anything we’re missing that would allow us to access all recordings with all relevant passwords over the API using the “join_url”, or would you have other recommendations?

Hi @kareem1 ,

I would suggest taking a look at webhooks, specifically the All Recordings Have Completed Webhook.

Let me know if this helps or if you have any further questions.


Hi Ron, thanks for the response!

Thanks for the webhooks pointer. Is it the case that it is not possible to fetch all meeting recordings + passwords for a given meeting via the API? It is definitely something of interest to us, and seems to be mostly there currently.

It’s a bit odd that we can pull the most recent meeting recording + password via API, but not all recordings+passwords for that same meeting.