Identify meeting and associated recording from the sharing URL?

Hi, quick bit of context here:

School using zoom to host and record classes/lessons. Till now, either meeting or recording urls were shared “per course” to our students, with meeting creation/url publishing done manually.

Looking to automate meeting and recording management via the Zoom API, I was hoping to match a course/lesson and its recordings using the share URL (or the meeting URL if lesson hasn’t happened yet).

Unfortunately, it seems that those share URL ( aren’t unique for a specific meeting. Tests and attempts showed that, for a specific meeting/lesson, the URL we retrieved and saved at the course completion doesn’t match the share URL returned by the API

So my question is: Is there any way to identify a meeting and its recordings from a share URL (typically get/recover the associated meeting ID), or even just leverage said URL via the Zoom API ?

Hi @it_epsn ,

Happy to help! One identifier from a meeting’s share URL could be the meeting ID as denoted in this sample url:{**meetingId**}?pwd=dDRPOG9teHRMQlg2WFBxb0ZhZXJ2UT09

You can then programmatically pass this meetingId into the request parameter for the GET#/meetings/{meetingId}/recordings API endpoint to retrieve the play_url or download_url for the recording:

How does this sound?


Hi Gianni,

Thanks for your feedback. As you unfortunately missed my point, a few clarifications on what I meant:

Share URL → URL redirecting to meeting recordings after the meeting has happened (in the form of I chose the name “Share URL” because “share_url” is actually the variable name giving such URLs in JSON responses from the API.

Meeting URL → URL to join an upcoming meeting. The equivalent in JSON responses would be “join_url”.

I only have the share/recording URLs at my disposal, which seem not to be unique, so I can’t match them against a list of recordings. I tried, by using “List all recordings” ( ) but as I had no match, I went to check manually, and found out that the “share_url” returned by API calls is different that the URL that was collected manually via the Zoom Web interface. Both URLs do point to the same set of recordings.

As far as I could see from browsing the API, I always need a meeting or user ID to get started with an API call. Having only the rec/share URL, I don’t have those. So I was looking for ideas & pointers, hoping I either missed something in the API, missed some sort of “URL helper” service, or someone would have a URL parsing trick, for example.

Does this help clarify my question and what I’m trying to achieve ?



Hey @it_epsn,

Thank you for clarifying. We don’t have a method to look up a meeting based on a share_url for a recording unfortunately. One method would be to use the recording.completed to associate a play_url with the UUID of a meeting but this would require that you store this association so that it could be referenced later.

If you just have a share_url, there isn’t a way to get the Meeting ID programmatically.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Hi @MaxM,

Thanks for your feedback and clarifications.

That’s what I was affraid of, but I thought I’d ask as I’m fairly new to the Zoom API and APIs in general.

I’ll have to resort to approximate matchmaking via course names, dates and other data at my disposal then.

Thanks also for the webhook pointers, I did spot those and am considering using those once I’ll have the basics properly automated.

Kind regards,


Glad Max could help!