Meeting registrants - non-required attributes are not being returned


After adding registrants via the add registrants API (eg. POST /meetings/{meetingId}/registrants), a subsequent call the the get registrants API (eg. GET/meetings/{meetingId}/registrants) is not returning certain attributes. It appears that the non-required attributes are not being saved/returned.

Here is an example payload I am sending when creating the registrant

 "email": "",
 "first\_name": "a",
 "last\_name": "b",
 "address": "123 abc street",
 "custom\_questions": [
 "title": "question1",
 "value": "i have a question"

however when I try to retrieve the participants, I get the following payload which does not contain the “address” or “custom_questions” fields I provided above -

{ "page\_count": 1, "page\_number": 1, "page\_size": 30, "total\_records": 1, "registrants": [{ "id": "cPhA1Oq\_RVG\_YPruNEBoeg", "first\_name": "a", "last\_name": "b", "email": "", "address": "", "city": "", "country": "", "zip": "", "state": "", "phone": "", "industry": "", "org": "", "job\_title": "", "purchasing\_time\_frame": "", "role\_in\_purchase\_process": "", "no\_of\_employees": "", "comments": "", "custom\_questions": [], "status": "approved", "create\_time": "2018-08-31T18:29:58Z", "join\_url": "" }


Hi Dayal, 

We’ll check with our Engineers to make sure it’s not a bug and will follow up with you asap. 



Michael - Any updates on this issue? Thanks.


Hi Dayal, 

Can you check to see if you they’re showing up within your registration settings? 


Hi Michael,

Where would I find those settings? I don’t see them on the meeting page.




Hi Dayal, 

You have to make sure the Registration is required, then you will see the registration tab below. What is the meeting ID that you are trying to use?


The meeting does have registration required. I found the it under the Edit link for Registration Options. 

They are not appearing there - 

Also, if it’s helpful, I see that no fields are required for registration - 


Meeting ID is 478541364


Hi Dayal, 

We couldn’t duplicate the error on our end. Would you be able to try make the POST call again then send us the API call log from



Made the POST call again - screenshot of API call log below. Added body and data sections here, since they were cut off by the screenshot. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks.


{“email”:“”,“first_name”:“d”,“last_name”:“g”,“address”:“123abcstreet”,“org”:“Acme”, “custom_questions”:[{ “title”:“question1”, “value”:“ihaveaquestion” }]}


“registrant_id”: “B7bvdObKRYqaN9MiQ41veg”,
“id”: 478541364,
“topic”: “aaa”,
“start_time”: “2018-09-27T19:00:00Z”,
“join_url”: “


Hi Dayal, 

I reached back out to our Engineering team. You would first need to create your custom question within the Zoom portal. Then you can use the custom question when adding a registrant within the API. 




Thanks for the response on custom_questions Michael, but the same issue applies for other attributes as well. Attributes like address, org, job_title are also not being saved. Please advise.


Hi Dayal, 

You will most likely need to select address, city, state etc… within the Zoom portal first then you should be able to add the registrants within the information. 



There are still issues with country and state, but pre-selecting worked for other attributes. 

Is there any way to enable those attributes via the API or is pre-selecting in the Zoom portal a requirement?


Hi Dayal, 

The only way to enable these attributes is to use the Zoom portal first.