Not all Registrant's Information are getting populated when I list Meeting Registrants

So I added a registrant to a meeting using Zoom API with all the data (address including)
But when I hit the API for getting List of Meeting Registrant then I see the registrant information but many fields including address are empty which is strange because I did send that information.

No Error Message but below are the requests and responses.
This is the request body for adding registrant to Meeting
“email”: “”,
“first_name”: “Mike”,
“last_name”: “Brown”,
“address”: “123 Main ST”,
“city”: “San Jose”,
“country”: “US”,
“zip”: “95550”,
“state”: “CA”,
“phone”: “111-444-4444”,
“industry”: “Tech”,
“org”: “IT”,
“job_title”: “DA”,
“purchasing_time_frame”: “More Than 6 Months”,
“role_in_purchase_process”: “Influencer”,
“no_of_employees”: “1-20”,
“comments”: “Excited to host you.”,
“custom_questions”: [
“title”: “Favorite thing about Zoom”,
“value”: “Meet Happy”

and below is the response of List Meeting Registrant.
“page_size”: 30,
“total_records”: 1,
“next_page_token”: “”,
“registrants”: [
“id”: “VALID ID”,
“first_name”: “Mike”,
“last_name”: “Brown”,
“email”: “”,
“address”: “”,
“city”: “”,
“country”: “”,
“zip”: “”,
“state”: “”,
“phone”: “”,
“industry”: “”,
“org”: “”,
“job_title”: “”,
“purchasing_time_frame”: “”,
“role_in_purchase_process”: “”,
“no_of_employees”: “”,
“comments”: “”,
“custom_questions”: ,
“status”: “approved”,
“create_time”: “2020-07-06T13:20:05Z”,
“join_url”: “VALID PRIVATE URL”

You can see almost all the fields are empty except few like Join_url, id, status, create_time, first_name, last_name, and email.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?<MEETING_ID>/registrants

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a meeting.
  2. Add a Registrant with all information (I’m concerned with address related info like address, city, country, etc.)
  3. Once you get success/valid response, Then hit the endpoint to get list of Registrant in Meeting (Which is the same endpoint but GET method.)
  4. Notice the Registrant Information.

Screenshots (If applicable)
Not Applicable I think.

Additional context
I referred the official documentation for doing both the operation.

Hey @mahesh.biswas07,

Before creating a meeting registrant with the additional questions and custom questions, can you please try using the Update Registration Questions endpoint to set the questions you want? Then register the user with your request body JSON above.

Let me know if that works! :slight_smile: