Meeting Scheduled On Zoom Not Showing Up On Google Calendar


I have a paid Zoom account, all the sub users on my account are also licensed. All the accounts are also integrated with Google Calendar using the setting options given on the Zoom website.

Using the Zoom API, iam successfully being able to create a new meeting. The meeting shows up on the Zoom Desktop & Mobile apps and works as expected.

But the same meeting does not show up on the integrated Google calendar.

We are using google calendar through G suite. Iam the admin of that as well.

There is no error message, the scheduled meeting just doesn’t show up on the google calendar.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Using JWT app, the meeting is being successfully created in the Zoom apps and shows up properly on the Zoom website.

Any help on this matter would be really great!

Hey @arjun,

It sounds like you’re using the Google Add-On, is that right?:

Do you run into this issue when creating meetings in the UI as well, or is this just with meetings created via API?



Thank you very much for your response.

Yes the “Zoom Add On” has been installed on our Google Calendar through G Suite that inserts the Zoom links in the calendar entries created on “Google Calendar”.

However at the moment we need the meeting to be created on “Zoom” and then be pushed to the Google Calendar. In order to achieve this, the following setting has been done on our Zoom Account.

The problem is there through the API as well as through the web browser based Zoom website.

Hey @arjun,

Thanks for clarifying—since this add-on is supported by our Support Team, I would advise you to reach out to them for further assistance troubleshooting. You can do so here:


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