Regarding the expiration date of the SDK credentials for Apps type: Meeting SDK

Dear ZOOM representative,

We are utilizing the Zoom SDK through the iOS and Android applications to utilize the Zoom Meeting functionality. When joining a meeting, we generate a JWT using the SDK credentials (SDK key & SDK secret) through the SDK and obtain authentication permission. However, starting from around 14:50 on June 3, 2023, the authentication suddenly started to return an error, and we were unable to join meetings.

The error message we received is as follows (MobileRTCAuthError: 11).

On the web application, we are able to join meetings using the same credentials and the generated JWT with successful authentication.

As a workaround, we recreated the Zoom Meeting SDK apps and used the ClientID & Secret combination to generate the JWT, which allowed us to join meetings on the iOS and Android applications.

Now, I have some questions:


  • Has the authentication using SDK credentials (SDK key & SDK secret) become unsupported when using the Zoom SDK for iOS and Android?
  • Will authentication using the ClientID & Secret also become unsupported in the future? If there are any expiration dates or related information, please let us know.
  • Will any specification changes related to Zoom Apps also affect the Meeting SDK? We understand that as long as we comply with the minimum version policy of the SDK mentioned below, we can adapt to specification changes, but we would appreciate any additional information regarding other necessary changes to accommodate specification updates.

Please refer to the following link for the Meeting SDK’s minimum version policy:

Hi @k-honda4 ,

We have deprecated the auth method and interfaces that directly use the SDK key and SDK secret to Auth our Meeting SDK.

Instead of using the SDK Key and SDK Secret directly in the methods, it is recommended to generate a JWT Token with SDK Key and SDK Secret to auth your SDK.

SDK Key and SDK Secret are not deprecated, and you do not need to replace them with Client ID and Client Secret.

I’m not sure about the Zoom Apps spec changes question, could you elaborate a little bit more?


thank you for your reply.

I have a question.

We have deprecated the auth method and interfaces that directly use the SDK key and SDK secret to Auth our Meeting SDK.

When was it deprecated? Where was this announced?

This was in the changelog on 6th June 2023


I apologize for asking multiple times. We are not directly using the SDK Key & SDK Secret for authentication. We generate a jwtToken using the SDK Key & SDK Secret, and then authenticate using the jwtToken. I would like to know why the authentication using the jwtToken suddenly stopped working and how it started working successfully after changing to a new Client ID & Client Secret created for the SDK Key & SDK Secret.

@k-honda4 ,

That should not be an expected behavior.
Did you managed to capture SDK log previously which you can share?
If this has been enabled, you should be able to retrieve them from the location below

  • The SDK log files are encrypted files that end with the extension “.log”
  • Location: sandbox/AppData/tmp


OK. Cloud you wait for me. I will prepare log.

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