Meeting SDK "Ask host to confirm before starting a recording"

Hi, we have a meeting bot using the windows c++ sdk (version 5.16.2). We have noticed that when the user enables the “Ask host to confirm before starting a recording” zoom setting:


It causes this dialog box to pop up on our meeting bot:

We are calling the, virtual SDKError RequestLocalRecordingPrivilege() function in the IMeetingRecordingController class, which returns SDKERR_SUCCESS as expected, once the host grants permission, we get the above popup which causes the StartRecording() function to return SDKERR_NEED_USER_CONFIRM_RECORD_DISCLAIMER.

How can we accept the pop-up that appears above when the user has enabled the “Ask host to confirm before starting a recording” setting? Our meeting bot works correctly if this setting is not set.

@tylermanning are you using IMeetingReminderEvent and IMeetingReminderController to handle these prompts/popup?

Ah, I see that we are using onReminderNotify, but it looks like we are only accepting the dialog for a TYPE_TERMS_OF_SERVICE. Is the proper behavior to accept all dialog boxes regardless of the type?

@tylermanning that is one strategy of doing so, but remember that using the API to auto accept these prompts also means what you agree to the terms and condition without explicitly reading and understanding them.

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