Request record permission from zoom meeting c++ sdk


When I click record button as guest participant, zoom says:
Permission Needed from Meeting Host. I press Send Request and Host Allows or Denies Request.

I want same behaviour in Zoom meeting C++ sdk.
How can I send meeting recording request to meeting host? I cannot find proper function in C++ sdk.
Only one thing I can do is: I click More->Local Record, messagebox shows You cannot start Local Recording, please apply to the host.

@alexander.gureshidze ,

RequestLocalRecordingPrivilege should be what you are looking for

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Thank you. I used old version of sdk and there was no that functionality.

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@chunsiong.zoom ,

Sorry for digging up an old topic, but do you know which event I should be listening to once the host responds to the RequestLocalRecordingPrivilege request? I’ve tried listening to both IMeetingParticipantsCtrlEvent::onLocalRecordingStatusChanged and IMeetingParticipantsCtrlEvent::onRequestLocalRecordingPrivilegeChanged but neither event is firing once the host allows the request. I’ve been working off of your GetAudioRawData demo project and have verified that the other MeetingParticipantsCtrlEventListener events are working in meeting.

Edit: Sorry please disregard, just figured it out! For anyone else is wondering, the correct listeners are from IMeetingRecordingCtrlEvent, specifically onRecordPrivilegeChanged.

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