Meeting SDK for Windows, click SetDomain , the app is not responding

I’m using Meeting SDK For Windows, version v5.16.10.26236

When I download and Release it and run sdk_demo_v2.exe, after I click SetDomain , the app is not responding.

Please help with an effective solution, Thank you very much!

@474548158 , are you using Windows (C++) or Windows (C#) sample code?

Please tag me in your response

I use C ++, please check this video in detail.

@474548158 I’ve downloaded the same version (5.16.10), x86 version and there is no issue on it.

for the video, are you using version 6.0.4?

Yes, i tried the latest version 6.0.4 and still have this problem. Please help me solve this problem. Another problem is that on a 4k monitor, the window appears very small.