Meeting SDK Raw Data


I’m testing with current last version of Meeting SDK:

I’m trying to read Raw data according to Window Raw Data
There’s some example about implementing that? I’m having troubles on this part:

  1. Once the recording has started, you will need to pass the IZoomRendererDelegate into the createRenderer method in zoom_rawdata_api.h .

I don’t really know how to pass IZoomRendererDelegate, there’s any instance of it? Because when I create it it has null value.


Hi Pablo,

You should create a new class and inherit it from ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::IZoomSDKRendererDelegate, then implement virtual functions

// Inherited via IZoomSDKRendererDelegate
virtual void onRendererBeDestroyed() override;
virtual void onRawDataFrameReceived(YUVRawDataI420* data) override;
virtual void onRawDataStatusChanged(RawDataStatus status) override;

Then pass an instance of the above class to createRenderer function.

ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::SDKError error = ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::createRenderer(&_video_renderer, this);

&_video_renderer is a reference pointer, you can call methods from this once render is successfully created. Then subscribe to streams accordingly

_video_renderer->subscribe(user_id, ZOOMSDK::ZoomSDKRawDataType::RAW_DATA_TYPE_VIDEO);

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Thanks! It was very helpful :grin:

Hi Pablo,

You are welcome :smiley:

Thanks for helping @sukitha.jayasinghe!

@Pablo.Moreno if you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to reach out with a new topic. :slightly_smiling_face: