How do I get an instance of IZoomSDKRenderer?

I am using the latest version of the Windows Meeting SDK for a project that involves rendering Raw user video and I can’t find in any part of the documentation how to get a ZoomSDKRenderer to subscribe to the users’ raw data. Do I get it using a function? Should I create it?

Could you please point me in the right direction?

UPDATE: I’m still strugling with this, especially the fact that I can instantiate a IZoomSDKRenderer* by creating a class but I need an instance of IZoomSDKRenderer** for the ZOOMSDK::createRenderer()

And then I need to go back to IZoomSDKRenderer* to use it? I’m really confused with this.

Thank you

Hi @contraculto, thanks for using the dev forum.

It sounds like you are mostly headed in the right direction looking at the createRenderer method. The renderer you pass into this method should be an empty pointer, which the SDK will write to. From there, you can use the renderer created by the SDK and the delegate instance you setup to access raw data.


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