[Meeting SDK] Reducer error for SET_SHARE_PRIVILEGE for certain versions


Hi, my team is integrating @zoomus/websdk into our react app. We have been using v2.9.5 for a while now and it’s been fine. Recently, we see a need for destroyClient() method so we updated to v2.11.0. However, this causes our react app to not be able to work. Upon inspecting the browser, this is the error message that we’ve gotten:

Uncaught Invariant Violation: defaultState for reducer handling SET_SHARE_PRIVILEGE should be defined

We experimented with upgrading / downgrading of versions and we faced the same issue with all versions after 2.11.0. Eventually, we settled on v2.9.7 where destroyClient() was first introduced.

I read up on the documentation and found a method setSharePrivilege() from the Stream interface but I am not sure where / in what situation do we use this method. I also tried searching on the forum for SET_SHARE_PRIVILEGE but could not find any helpful information about it.

As my team do foresee ourselves upgrading to a newer version in the future, we would like to check if there is anyone who have encountered similar issue? Are there also any information as to where SET_SHARE_PRIVILEGE might originate from?

Thank you!

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