On clicking on Screen Share option with @zoomus/websdk version 2.11.5 throws Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'electron')

I’ve been using @zoomus/websdk 2.11.5 for the past few months and everything was working as expected but screen share option is throwing error in console.
FYI recently migrated react version of my application from 16.13.1 to 18.2.0, its happening in new react version code only, with the old react version and zoom web sdk share option is working as expected.

Is it due to zoom’s react-dom dependency ?

@dhanap.prabhu ,

Cilent view does not support React 18 right now. You will need to use React 16.
We are working on a new version which supports React 18 soon.

All the functionalities of Web SDK are working but we require only the share screen fix. Is there any work around or when would the new version with React 18 support get released ?