Meeting SDK Upgrade from version 5.2 to 5.9.6

I have used meeting sdk 5.2 in my project and it was working fine. Now SDK 5.4 is deprecated and suggested to move to latest version of SDK so i planned to move to SDK version 5.9.6.

what I am observing :-
Release build behavior :- Release build is working fine.
Debug build behavior : Build is being installed on phone but android.index.bundle file is not being created.

To implement SDK 5.2 I followed the blog and now to upgrade just updated the modules ‘commonlib’ and ‘mobilertc’.

@hradesh.kumar2 ,

Thank you for posting in the developer forum! To start, can share if you are seeing this behavior when directly upgrading to SDK version 5.9.6.? Or is the only happening when you just upgrade the modules ‘commonlib’ and ‘mobilertc ?

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