Can I get the download link to older version of the Zoom Meeting SDK (Android)

I need to update our app Android SDK to 5.8.6 to meet the Nov release requirement/

Which Android Meeting SDK version?
Android Meeting SDK 5.8.6

Additional context
Our app used the LoginWithZoom API and I understand that it’s removed from 5.9 (Problem with login after updating Zoom SDK) , so I need to find the lowest version that we can upgrade to. As of now, I could not find the link to download it on the Zoom Marketplace.


Welcome, @hai_dang!

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum – I am happy to help. It is my understanding the lowest version you can upgrade to is v5.4. Let me check internally for a link. Should you want a specific version, please let me know.


Sent a link to v5.4 and v5.9, please check your inbox @hai_dang !

Hello Donte!

Can I have those as well?


Hi Team,
Due to latest announcement of SDK minimum version to be upgraded need to download previous version of sdk which is unavailable in download link.
Kindly share us the SDK link for Android supporting android 11 version.

Required version to upgrade -
Available least version - 5.10.3 - Which requires Android 12 upgrade

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