Meeting SDK with a Non-Public App

Hi. I’ve integrated the Zoom Meeting SDK into my web app for my internal users to use; however, I want them to be able to use their own Zoom accounts. The documentation states:

Zoom’s API License Terms of Use prohibit third-party use of your app unless it has been published to the Zoom App Marketplace or you have received prior written approval from Zoom. See Publishing apps for details.

It doesn’t make sense for me to publish my Zoom app to the Marketplace, because it is not a public app. It is only available to users of my web service. It is not a stand-alone app, it simply provides Zoom integration within my web app, which is a very small part of the overall web app.

The documentation indicates this is possible with Zoom’s approval. Who do I contact to get that approval?

Thank you.

@m.warble ,

The publishing / verification process does not allow the public to use your application if you do not want to do so.

Here’s the high level summary.

  1. There will be a listing of your published application. If your Meeting SDK joins a meeting hosted by a 3rd party, and if they not familiar with your application, this will provide them with an avenue to find out what more about this Meeting SDK.
  2. You can control if the public, or only “specific users” are allowed to add your application on marketplace

Hi Chun – I have a similar question to the above, but don’t believe it’s been answered clearly.

If I have a similar use case and I don’t intend to publish my app (Marked “Intend to Publish: No”), am I required to publish it?

@bradley.a ,

Publishing of your application is not mandatory.

However you do need to understand that without publishing your application, your Meeting SDK will not be able to join meeting created by external accounts.

The most important question is, does your Meeting SDK need to join external meeting?

Thanks Chun!

Hoping for a little more clarity on what an “external meeting” is and if it fits our use case?

We work in the B2B space and our clients each provide us with zoom access tokens. We are authorized by them to use the Meeting SDK to join meetings that they have created.

To our clients they are authorizing and inviting our “bot” to join their created meetings.

We do not join meetings created by zoom accounts outside of our client base.

Thank you!

@bradley.a ,

Your clients accounts and users are not in the same account as your Meeting SDK account right?

In such a case, your Meeting SDK will fail to join your client’s meeting as they are considered as “external account”.

External account is defined as accounts which are not residing in the Meeting SDK account.

You will need to submit your application for approval by 1st March.

This verification / submission exercise does not mean that the public will have access to your application. It will list your application as a verified application when it is approved by Zoom.

Are we enforcing strict deadline of stopping Meeting SDK from joining external meeting on 1st March?

From what I understand, this 1st March deadline is for the first submission (regardless of passing / failing). In other words, have a submission by 1st March would ensure that your application will still be able to do external meeting join.

I don’t understand what you’re saying about the external account deadline.

Does this mean users won’t be able to use their own Zoom accounts when using an app developed with the Meeting SDK?


Let’s assume that your Meeting SDK is created using

There are other users in this Zoom Account which is

The Meeting SDK will be able to join meetings created by userA and userB as it all resides in the same Zoom Account.

Now if I create a meeting using my own Zoom Account, and pass you the Meeting ID and Password. Even with the Meeting ID and Password, your Meeting SDK will not be able to join my meeting without publishing / verification after 1st March 2024. My account is considered “external” to

Hi Chun – Thanks again for the reply.

Looking for some clarification again. By Meeting SDK account do you mean our marketplace account where we are submitting from?

The meetings we receive webhooks on are from our customer’s zoom accounts which are external.


You can submit the verification of Meeting SDK App from

Webhooks are not affected by this publishing requirement.