Meeting status with bogus reason

Zoom SDK tried to join a meeting, after about a minute of waiting received following on status change:

Reason is: 1006007000 which I don’t see as proper code for failed status.

Which Desktop Client SDK version?

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  • OS: Windows

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Hey @bogdan.lytvynovskyi,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

First, can you update to the latest version please?
Second, can you provide the following:

  1. Reproduction Steps
  2. Your Code
  3. Does this happen all the time?
  4. Is this the host or the participant?


Hi @Michael_Condon ,

  1. there is no repro steps - happened once.
  2. Updating to a new version requires some extensive validation, which I can’t perform right away.
  3. No
  4. It’s a participant

If you could provide some explanation as to what this reason code is, that would be super helpful

Hey @bogdan.lytvynovskyi,

This status usually means that while attempting to connect or re-connect to a meeting the connection was interrupted and the SDK had timed out. If this only happened once, it is likely that the network connection failed. If this happens repeatedly, then it is likely an issue that needs deeper investigation.


Thanks @Michael_Condon. I will keep tracking this, and if anything is suspicious I will open a new issue. I think this one can be closed.

Hey @bogdan.lytvynovskyi,

Sounds good, please dont hesitate to reach out again if anything comes up.


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