Meeting still alive after destroy meeting view when internet get lost

I’m using custom UI.

To Reproduce
My case is:

  • User A join meeting
  • User B join meeting
  • A & B is connecting and talk with each other in meeting
  • User A lost internet
  • User A stay in the meeting screen and doesnt see user A video stream & audio
  • onDestroyMeetingView is called, check if meeting state is ended → dismiss my custom UI
  • After a few seconds, internet gets back. In the meantime, user B still waiting in the meeting
  • User B sees user A video stream & audio get back (even custom UI in user A is not showing)

Could you please help to give me any suggestions for this issue or any ways else to handle the case that internet get lost? I’d like to send my log file if needed.
My apologies for keep asking about that. Since i bought license accounts and my launch day is coming; everything is going great and there’s the last issue i need to resolve to release my app to production.
Thank you for your help.

Hey @zacob,

I have responded in your other thread. Please take a look there.


Thank you @Michael_Condon , let’s discuss at that thread.

Sounds good!
See you there.


Hi @Michael_Condon
I would like to delete this topic and move all discussion to the other thread. Thanks.

Closing as resolved.