Meeting stuck on joining meeting intermittently

I’m using the WebSDK 2.16.0 Client View to join a Zoom meeting with react.js but navigating on the join meeting link we get this error intermittently. Sometimes joining the meeting is successful most of the time without any issues
but some times this error comes up. There are no network issues on the client end.
for example: The participant stays in the waiting room after click on join meeting button the participant requests entry into the meeting to the host, and after acceptance he goes to the joining meeting screen he is stuck on the joining meeting screen, for the host it appears that he is connecting the audio and is in the room, but for the participant the screen is still stuck on the screen joining meeting.

joining meeting

The problem doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens to some users, and the error is intermittent with the same user, sometimes it gets stuck, trying to refresh the page and after a while you can enter the room normally

Hi @mario.barbosa
thanks for reaching out!
Are you still experiencing this issue?
Could you please confirm if you can replicate this with our sample app?

Yes, I still have this problem, I searched the forum for a solution, but the error still keeps happening intermittently.

Have you been able to replicate this with the sample app I shared?

I’ve been running into this same behavior with Meeting SDK 2.16.0. It rarely happens - my application works perfectly fine 99% percent of the time. The host can see and hear the user once they are admitted from the waiting room, but the client is stuck on the ‘Joining Meeting’ screen. I did catch this behavior once while debugging, but I did not notice anything out of the ordinary in the browser console.

Could this be caused by a caching or cookie issue if the user previously joined a different meeting in the same browser?

Bump. Has anyone else experienced this? One additional point: one time when this happened I let the meeting sit for the like 30 minutes and then refreshed the browser. After that I was let into the meeting. Because of this I was wondering about something being cached somehow.

Same thing here: stuck on joining meeting (As a host) IDK if it’ll help but getting ZAK was taking too much time or failing when making the GET request

same problem here also previously it was working but now it only loading even the requist of client not go to host to admit i change many time the key things but only show joining meeting loading .is there is any solution to resolve it?

Do we have an update on this? Any solution?

@jairo.sierra yes in version2.17.0 its working properly i directly generate the signature from frontend not use backend
import React, { useEffect, Fragment} from “react”;

const Meeting = () => {

const payload = {
meetingNumber: “”,

passWord: "",

userEmail: "",
leaveUrl: "http://localhost:3000",


useEffect(() => {
const initializeMeeting = async () => {
try {
const { ZoomMtg } = await import(“@zoomus/websdk”);

    ZoomMtg.setZoomJSLib('', '/av');
    // loads language files, also passes any error messages to the ui
    // ZoomMtg.i18n.load('en-US');
    // ZoomMtg.i18n.reload('en-US');
      meetingNumber: payload.meetingNumber,
      role: payload.role,
      sdkKey: payload.sdkKey,
      sdkSecret: payload.sdkSecret,
      success: function (signature) {
          leaveUrl: payload.leaveUrl,
          success: function (data) {
              meetingNumber: payload.meetingNumber,
              signature: signature.result,
              sdkKey: payload.sdkKey,
              userName: payload.userName,
              userEmail: payload.userEmail,
              passWord: payload.passWord,
              tk: "",
              success: function () {
                console.log("-- joined --");
              error: function (joinError) {
                console.error("Error joining meeting:", joinError);
          error: function (initError) {
            console.error("Error initializing Zoom:", initError);
      error: function (signError) {
        console.error("Error generating SDK signature:", signError);
  } catch (error) {
    console.error("Error while initializing Zoom:", error);


}, [payload.meetingNumber, payload.role, payload.sdkKey, payload.sdkSecret, payload.passWord, payload.userName, payload.userEmail, payload.leaveUrl]);

return (



export default Meeting;

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