Meeting view, shared screen video, getting cut in android sdk

Meeting view, shared screen video, gets cut when trying to rotate the screen to landscape mode in android SDK

Which Android Meeting SDK version?
“react-native-zoom-us”: “6.15.1”

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Join Zoom meeting with atleast 2 users
  2. Share the screen with one user
  3. With another user , rotate the screen to landscape mode in android
  4. See the error (the meeting view gets cut)


Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Samsung M52 5g
  • OS: [ Android 13]

Code snippet
const joinZoomMeeting = async (
zoomMeetingDetails: ZoomMeetingDetailsInterface
) => {
try {
await initializeZoom();
await ZoomUs.joinMeeting({
autoConnectAudio: false,
userName: customerEmail,
meetingNumber: zoomMeetingDetails.meetingNumber,
password: zoomMeetingDetails.encryptedPassword,
noMeetingErrorMessage: true, // Set this to be able to show Alert.alert
} catch (err) {
logError(err, true);
throw err;

@myscoot @dhruva I’m consolidating all the same duplicated threads into this thread instead.

could you share the android SDK version which you are using ?

If you are using react-native-zoom-us, do note that it is a community project, and not officially support by Zoom.

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