[Android] Zoom Video Call UI is breaking on landscape rotation on some samsung devices

Here on samsung device when i rotate from portrait to landscape orientation the video becomes too big and doesn’t fit on the screen

Here I am using one of the zoom npm package react-native-zoom-us version 6.13.0.
Using the default UI provided by the react-native-zoom-us

Device detail:
Samsung Galaxy M32 (Android OS version - 12 )

Can somebody fthe rom Zoom team suggest what is the actual issue here? Or am I missing any setting?


Here I have noticed the zoom meeting UI is not responsive in landscape mode on the Android version 12 and 10. @zoom-developer can you suggest the possible solution for this issue

@zoom-developer can you suggest a possible solution for this issue?

Same Issue here. we detected this issue on Samsung One UI 4.0.

Did anyone find the solution for this, as we are having same issue