Meeting vs Webinar on WebSDK Gallery View and Pin

I’ve a question about use Meeting or Webinar, for one of my needs:
WebSDK → Can the attendees on webinar see the Panelist cameras in gallery View?
WebSDK → Can the attendees on webinar pin one panelist camera ?
In webSdk in webinar case the attendees will be without Camera feature enabled right?
I need to use webSDK to attendees but without camera feature bu they MUST have Gallery View and Pin features

Note:Already tested with meeting pro licence but no way to differentiate the webSDK users from the others on the meeting

Which Web Client SDK version?
Last 1.9.1

Yes, gallery view is support by the WebSDK. The attendees can see the Panelist cameras in gallery view.

Yes, the attendees on webinar can pin one panelist camera. Here’s our help documentation on how to Pin Or Spotlight Video.

Yes, that is correct the attendees will not be able to enable the camera feature. Here’s our help documentation on Roles in a Webinar.

Let me know if this helps.


Hi Donte,

Thanks for the fast response, and based in your your answer for me the webinar will be the best solution for my needs :wink:

I have another questions, if possible to answer;

based on other forum posts:

Based on this post some users was with problems running one/multiple webinars with more than 300 attendees using web SDK … Was more than one user reporting this in the post … Is this issue resolverd ?
I need to run at same time 10+ different webinars, so if this is not resolved it’s better I create separate Accounts, if is resolved I can have 10+ users in same account with webinar add-on enabled.
This is really important for me take sure because all attendees will be web SDK based.

I about webSDK allow join as host or as attendee, but is possible also join as Pannelist ?

This is about AndroidSDK, but if someone can answer me here, because is related, in a webinar can a user join as Panelist ?

Thanks for all and keep good work in this great forum.

Hi @carlosp,

With the right plan you are able to have up to 1000 participants and we are not aware of any current issues that would affect that. That case seems to be more specific to those users and not a wide spread issue.

Yes, you can join as a Panelist, please see this post below for more information.

For questions related to our Android SDK, please post them in our #mobile-client-sdk:android category.

Let me know if this helps.


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