Meeting Web SDK live streaming option

Does the current version of meeting web sdk supports live streaming?

I see this guide about live streaming support for the Video SDK but does it hold true for meeting web sdk too?

If not then I see RTMP live streaming support enabled on the meeting web sdk page, can you explain what is that? Is there a guide for showing how live streaming can be done from the meeting web sdk?

Hi @elearningevolve ,

Here’s our guide on RTMP live streaming using our live stream API endpoint capabilities:

Since Meeting SDK is compatible with the Meeting API endpoints, this guide should help.

Let me know if you have further questions or you can reach out to the author of the guide!

Hello @gianni.zoom
Thank you for the input. What about the ability to stream to social media platforms like Youtube or Facebook from the Zoom Meeting Web SDK?

Zoom Meeting Web SDK ist for viewing meetings not for sending live stream

here you can see how to stream zoom meetings

So you can only live stream with Zoom APP with

  • Windows: version 4.0.29183.0407 or higher
  • macOS: version 4.0.29208.0410 or higher

After you enable the live stream option from the zoom account settings, is that correct?

@elearningevolve ,

If you are trying to live-stream your Zoom Meeting to RTMP capable services such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook live, here’s what you can do to achieve that.

For Meeting SDK, you can achieve live-streaming using Meeting SDK Web.

When scheduling a meeting, you can set an RTMP stream of your choice.
If the meeting has already been scheduled, you can edit it and add an RTMP stream

Once the meeting is started by a host, it should stream to the RTMP destination of your choice

Let me know if this is what you are trying to achieve, or otherwise

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