Meeting Web SDK + NodeJS


I use the Meeting API with my backend to create/delete/manage meetings & webhooks, and I use the Meeting Web SDK with my frontend app for users to access meetings via browser.

All users are non-registered participants, and getBreakoutRoomList() does not work from them, until they the breakout rooms are open and they are in it. Currently this is done manually, but we need to automate.

  1. I need the ability to fetch all Breakout Room IDs (getBreakoutRoomList).
  2. I need the ability to open Breakout Rooms (openBreakoutRooms).
  3. I need the ability to close Breakout Rooms (closeAllBreakoutRooms).

(these are not available in Meeting API, only with Meeting Web SDK)

Unfortunately, these functions are only available to the Host, but the host doesn’t join the meeting via the Meeting Web SDK. I need to implement a headless Meeting Web SDK that simulates the host joining the meeting and running these calls.

Can I do that via a node.js script? Appreciate if someone can point me to the solution.

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Yes, you can achieve this by using a headless browser automation tool like Puppeteer in a Node.js script. Simulate the host joining the meeting, authenticate if required, and then execute the necessary Meeting Web SDK functions to fetch, open, or close breakout rooms.