Meetings API: regression: setting zoom_phone to true on user creation no longer enables Zoom Phone on account

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

POST /users: Zoom Meeting API

Setting zoom_phone to true in the API call to create the user no longer creates a user with Zoom Phone enabled.

None, this fails silently.

How To Reproduce

$ python3
# `conf` is an array containing the account_id and the base64 hash to login, per the documentation

>>> import json
>>> import requests

# Login
>>> r ="", data={"grant_type": "account_credentials", "account_id": conf["account_id"]}, headers={"Host": "","Authorization": "Basic {}".format(conf["b64_auth"])})

>>> r
<Response [200]>

>>> token = r.json()["access_token"]

# Create user
>>> r ="", json={"action": "create","user_info": {"first_name": "test", "last_name": "user", "email": "", "type": "1"}, "feature": {"zoom_phone": "true"}},headers={"Host": "","Authorization": "Bearer {}".format(token), "Content-Type": "application/json" })

>>> r
<Response [201]>

# Get user
>>> r.text
'{"id":"[REDACTED]","first_name":"test","last_name":"user","email":"","type":1}' receives a link to activate the account, but after activation, the user does not have the Phone feature enabled.

Please note, this used to work. Since it is automated on our end and fails silently, we noticed 40+ accounts were created without the phone extension.

Hi @dcclabau,
Attempt to reproduce the issue above, but it works for us, so can you please double check again, and can you please provide the trace id for us if the api does not work yet?

Hello @feng.wu, I confirm this still does not work on my end. The user is created but the Zoom Phone feature has to be added manually by an admin after the user has accepted the invitation.