Meetings automatically recorded in the cloud

We have confirmed that the “automatically record meetings” is toggled off. That being said, one of our employees continues to have all meetings recorded in the cloud. It looks like the setting is turned back on automatically by an update from the API code application. How do I stop this from happening?

Hi @stephanie1 ,

Are those happening for all the meetings or only specific meetings?

If the meeting is created via an API and in the payload if the “auto_recording” field is set to “cloud” , then the meeting will be recorded on cloud. Eliminating that field should resolve the issue.

If you need to know which app is making that api call, please open a ticket with our developer support, provide them with the meeting ID and they will be able to tell which app made the API call.


I already opened a ticket and they said that they are unable to share that info

@stephanie1 do you have the ticket #?