Meetings created using API are not reflecting in my zoom paid account

I am creating scheduled meetings using jwt keys, but those meetings are showing in my upcoming meetings list ?

This is the payload i am using to create scheduled meetings.
“topic”:“test meeting myteam”,
“type” :2,
“start_time” : “‘2020-11-15T14:00:00Z’”,
“duration” :“30”,
“password” : “123456”,
‘meeting_authentication’: False,


Hi @rajapolipilli,

Thanks for reaching out about this. I see that you also emailed us, so I will be happy to continue the conversation there. Can you please reply to my email with the following:

  • Example Meeting ID for a meeting that was created via API but does not appear in your Upcoming Meetings in the UI
  • Full Request and Response for a meeting that was created via API in this case


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