Meetings on Website

My requirement on my website is to initiate a conversion between a host and participant, the host will start a meeting using an option on our website, after this the participant will get an option to join the meeting. I want to confirm if the Meeting SDK is the right option for the requirement, and if yes then please, guide me, how to integrate it.

Yes @src.pratik , either Meeting or Video SDK would be good options. Check out the comparison: Video SDK and Meeting SDK comparison - Zoom Support


thanks, yes meeting SDK will be the perfect choice for my use case. Just wanted to some more info considering the example Incorporate Start a video meeting functionality in to a banking app to connect app users with a virtual teller. How to achieve this, I have tried the sample apps, by using meeting id that was created using the personal account, but when implementing the feature for website how to achieve this ? Will the flow be the backend system requests a meeting id from the zoom api, then the meeting id can be used for the user and the teller ?

Hi @src.pratik , You can set up a process (like a form) that takes the customer’s email, then programmatically create a meeting that register’s them as an instantly approved participant and have the meeting start on your site at a designated time with the teller.

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