Meetings Web SDK: Cavas Video as input

Almost all WebRTC SDKs give an option to use canvas video as a media feed in to the meeting. I can’t find a way to do this on Zoom. Is this not supported?

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Hey @websdkfan ,

If I understand your ask correctly, we do offer this with our Video SDK:

Due note the differences between the Meeting SDK and Video SDK.

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. And a Video SDK cannot join a Zoom Meeting, correct?

Happy to help @websdkfan !



@tommy Can you mark this questions as not solved then? Zoom SDK does not offer a method to use anything other than a camera device to send media in to a meeting.

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Hey @websdkfan ,

Sure - the Web Meeting SDK, does not, correct. (The Web Video SDK does.)


Thanks again @tommy. Appreciate the support. Let’s not mix Video SDK in to this conversation, the ask if for media streams in to a Zoom meeting which Video SDK clearly is not designed for.

I’m glad to hear that helped! I’ll go ahead and close this topic now but feel free to open a new topic if you encounter any further issues or questions.