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Hi team,

I am trying out zoom meeting-sdk (web). Currently, I am able to join a meeting and see and hear the other participants. My goal is to record the zoom meeting (without using zoom’s cloud recording feature but by saving the raw audio/video streams) and run custom analysis on it.
For that I’ll be needing the following support:

  1. Speaker events (i.e. any of the participants starts speaking or stops speaking)
  2. Access to audio and video streams. If supported then is there support for separate streams at individual participant level?
  3. Support to access screen sharing data as a video stream.
  4. Chat events (participants entering messages in chat)

Please help me figure out if the above is achievable using Zooms meeting-sdk for web.

Thanks in advance.

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Also interested in this!


Currently, the Web SDK does not support raw data ( Audio and Video). I should note that the Meeting SDK supports access to individual high-quality audio and video streams (raw media) for individual participants. However, it is currently supported only for Mac and Windows OS. To get callbacks containing the data with our native Meeting Windows SDK, for example, you’d have to implement the IZoomSDKAudioRawDataDelegateinterface (audio) and the IZoomSDKRendererDelegate interface for video. To learn more about processing individual media streams using Meeting SDK, please refer to the documentation below:

Windows: Window Raw Data

macOS: macOS Raw Data

Additionally, our Video SDK supports individual media streams/raw media per participant. For the Video SDK, see our Raw Data support documentation for the following:

  1. Raw data (Windows)
  2. Raw data (macOS)
  3. Raw data (IOS)
  4. Raw data (Andriod)

Thank you for your response.

I understand that audio/ video streams are only supported for Mac and Windows OS. But my emphasis is more on the web platform (meeting-sdk or video-sdk both will work for me). Apart from the data stream, could you tell me about other events like “participant started/stopped speaking”, “participant started/stopped screen share”, “participant added message to chat”, “host removed you from the meeting”, etc?

Basically I want to listen to these events like:
ZoomMtg.addEventListener("particpantStartedSpeaking", (payload) => { // do something }).

I know that we have inMeetingServiceListener which supports a very limited number of events. I just want to know for sure whether I can listen to more events than the ones listed in that example (either via inMeetingServiceListener or via some other method).

And to reiterate, I want this support in meetind-sdk web (preferably) or video-sdk web.

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