Metrics/meetings Results Count Mismatch (Multi-day Queries)

Hello all,

Not sure if I’m looking at this wrong but I appear to be getting a count mismatch when calling a GET to the metrics/meetings API. Details below, please let me know if you notice an obvious (or not so obvious mistakes) in my implementation.


Issue: Count of meetings in the XML (or JSON) body is not equal to the “total_records” tag.
* GET /metrics/meetings
* Keys: type=past&from=2019-11-02&to=2019-11-04&page_size=300
* I’ve tried both XML and JSON responses

JSON Response:
“from”: “2019-11-02”,
“to”: “2019-11-04”,
“page_count”: 1,
“page_size”: 300,
“total_records”: 143,
“next_page_token”: “”,
“meetings”: [
<148 meetings listed>

Doing the same call day by day gets all the meetings and sums to 148 meetings. The response count the 3 days summed = 148.

Q ?: My concern/question is will the response count for a single day ever mismatch like multi-day API calls seem to be giving me?

Which Endpoint/s?

Hey @sohling, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

This is odd, thanks for the detailed post. Can you share your App Name or App ID so we can look at the logs?


Thanks Tommy,

The App Name is “api_jwt” and unfortunately, I don’t see where to get the App ID from. I re-ran my example call this morning so it will be easier to review.

The first run is through Postman @ date_time: “2019-12-10 08:50:36” CDT. The response states “Total_records”: 143 and doing a find on {“uuid”: counts 146.

My 2nd run (@ “2019-12-10 08:51:38” CDT) within my C# script has the same count of 143 with 146 records entered into our staging tables.

Interesting that the actual # of records changed (148 to 146) since my original post.

Thanks for any insight,

Hey @sohling, thanks for the additional details!

I was able to reproduce the error on my end. We are looking into the issue and will get back to you.

(JIRA: ZOOM-126550)