Microphone issues with Android TV

We are trying to run our Zoom meeting SDK on an Android TV box (Android TV ver 9), able to see each other and I can hear others, but no one hears me, like a problem with my microphone. I tried both USB microphones and BT.
We are using Google Duo and other video conf. apps from Google Play, we manage to use the microphone without a problem, so the issue is with our Zoom APK.
Looking inside other posts, I see there is an issue about it and I wanted to be clear if possible to use Zoom meeting SDK on Android TV env, and any limitations with the microphone types.
Should I use a minimum Android TV version or only a specific Microphone type (BT, USB, etc.)?
Do we need something inside our APK to support the microphone with Android TV?

our Meeting SDK version is v5.10.3.5593


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