Migrating Azure Enterprise App SCIM provisioning from JWT to OAuth concerns

I’m currently acting on the deprecation of JWT and migrating to OAuth, which we have been using for our SCIM integration for provisioning from our Azure AD. I have followed the guide provided Migrating the Zoom app in Azure to OAuth – Zoom Support and re-authenticated the enterprise gallery app with OAuth while being an administrator in both the tenant and the Zoom account. I can see that the Azure Identity app has been added in our Zoom marketplace, however i can still see calls in the JWT app call logs for SCIM. How do we verify that we are indeed migrated over? What potential additional actions do we need to take?

Hi @jakob.wilhelmsson
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community.
I would check internally if there is someone else using the JWT app credentials.
Other than that If you migrated and authenticated your Oauth integration you probably do not need to take any further actions