Issue with converting JWT to S2S Oauth for Azure AD SCIM

Hi all,
Having a problem converting from JWT to S2s-oauth in Azure AD for auto provisioning.

I have made a new s2s oauth app and configured this in Zoom - this works fine. I am making API calls to it from my application, happily and it all works well.

The problem I have is our existing user auto provisioning app in Azure AD uses JWT and will need to be migrated by September 1, 2023. I have followed the guide, here: however when it comes to this section:

this doesn’t seem to work. No matter what I do, in Azure, the drop down for OAuth2 Authorization Code Grant never appears. I have full global admin rights in Azure AD.
The article shows this should be an option:

However I only have bearer token as an option.

Has anyone ever come across this and know a way forward?

Thank you!

Ok I found the issue for anyone else who has it - you need to be logged into the same browser profile with an account which has Azure AD permission and also permissions in Zoom over the account - which honestly is a bit insecure - we deliberately do not use Azure admin accounts as Zoom admin accounts for security reasons. But that was the issue.

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Thanks for sharing your findings with the community!
We really appreciate it! @Chloe-smyl

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This article mentions refreshing the JWT token - if we’re migrating AWAY from JWT what’s the recourse here?

You’ll need to move to either OAuth or Server-to-server OAuth (which probably makes more sense for most use cases?).

yeah, just wondering if the mention of the JWT token here is inaccurate or what.

I think the article mostly talks about how to move away from JWT tokens and I believe from today on, you cannot make new ones - but existing still work until September 1.