Migrating From v1 to v2 APIs

Hello Team,
I was using zoom api V1 previously now as its shut down I wanted to migrate to V2
API : https://api.zoom.us/v2/user/getbyemail
I am following this blog : https://medium.com/zoom-developer-blog/your-guide-to-migrating-from-v1-to-v2-apis-d4ded0474c04
But I can not find a proper example of a request parameter for API integration,

Can you tell what basic changes I should to to migrate from V1 to V2

Please help me
Waiting for you reply

Hi @mina,

Thanks for reaching out. You can find examples of the necessary parameters for each of our endpoints in our V2 documentation here:

Here is an example of a request using our V2 API to retrieve a user by email:
GET https://api.zoom.us/v2/users/{userEmail}

Let me know if this helps—thanks!

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